Our Story



Welcome to Tap Truck San Gabriel Valley! Owners Jon, Joe, Chris and Vince all grew up in Walnut, California where they went to high school and had vastly different lives, which would soon change. Jon knew Joe, Chris and Vince individually, but was able to bring everyone together at the house parties he would often throw. They all soon realized that there was a mutual love for craft beer, and with business backgrounds from a few of them, it was an idea to start up a brewery of their own. Unfortunately, this plan died quickly when realizing the true costs it takes to open a brewery, and without proper knowledge of the industry they could not see it as a tangible future. It was then everyone went their separate ways to learn the ins and outs of the craft beer industry.

It wasn't until a few years later that Jon and Vince were hanging out and came up with the idea to take an old service truck and turn it into a mobile bar. They went to Chris's house to pitch the idea and started doing their research, when they came across Tap Truck and decided to see what they could learn from them. It was a few days later Corbin called Jon telling him that their home of the San Gabriel Valley was available to join the Tap Truck family, and without hesitation, they got the band back together. He notified Chris, Vince and Joe of the opportunity immediately and they decided that this was what they were looking for. With Tap Trucks in so many states and cities, their excitement is higher than ever. Now in 2021, these men are the proud new owners of Tap Truck SGV!